A gas station along the leftmost fork of the highway that leads to the Military Base in the Rag-Wastes. The sign once read “Gas and Sundries” but has suffered damage and only some of the letters remain intelligible.

Several (now empty) gas pumps sit on a concrete island in front of the station.

There is a convenience store which has been stripped of tobacco and most food items, but some preserved snacks remain in what may or may not be edible condition. There is a rest room in back inhabited by Piranha Roaches.

The Garage to the side contains two repair bays, one of which has been used as a dumping ground by the Rag Waste Cannibals, and has attracted more of the roaches. The other bay is mostly clear. Behind the bays is an office, which had been locked until Kentucky’s clumsy lockpicking opened it, but jammed the lock. Inside the desk there is a large quantity of green paper that is no longer worth anything. There is also a Scrapbook of Pre-Whoops Photos filled with photos of various dark-skinned persons out in the desert.


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