Fifty years ago, the World broke. Nobody alive today knows exactly what happened. Some say the Powers That Be fought a War With No Winners, others that the big hand of the Man Upstairs came down to wipe the slate clean. What’s clear is the Ancients had Paradise and threw it away. What’s left is the Apocalypse World.

Every day in Apocalypse World is a struggle against radioactive toxins, mutated lifeforms, violence and catastrophe. The fact that people survive at all is a miracle, because every day they face damn big problems.

At least you’ve got it good, for now. You’ve got the massive concrete structure of the dam to keep out the poisons and creatures, and Uncle is a mild leader, the kind of guy everybody likes. But you know that soon enough, he’ll be gone and it’ll be another crazy in charge, with his guns and rules and insanity bleeding his brand of asylum all over the place. So keep one eye on your guns and another on your back, because there’s no one to go to when the spit hits the pan.

Dam Big Problems

Karmakaze RtHiaHB Darrenwatts