Tag: Lost Vision


  • tourist map

    This ancient tourist map of Las Vegas is colorful, detailed, and informative - keeping in mind that its information is more than fifty years out of date. When you *_go to Lost Vision_*, you can choose an extra option on a success. If you fail the roll, …

  • Lost Vision

    *Lost Vision* is the ruins of Las Vegas. To most, it's a pit of scum and villainy overflowing with chopper gang members, strange cultists, and mutants that squabble over its ever-diminishing resources -- drugs like Bliss and Trill, relics of the old times …

  • Tao

    Tao is a tired looking woman with a hook for a hand, has long hair, and a grey trench coat.

  • Hugo

    Hugo is a skinny person wearing aviator sunglasses, has a mohawk, and laughs quietly.