Gun Lugger with serious Mommy issues (Mommy is the 9mm he carries with him at all times)


Spot, the Bat-Shit Crazy Gun-Lugger


Cool: +0
Hard: +3
Hot: -2
Sharp: +1
Weird: +2


A skinny, tendony male with scrounged, pieced-together leather armor. He has a nasty scar that runs down the right side of his face that barely misses the crazy-looking eyes.


Insano like Drano: you get + 1 hard
NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH: in battle, you count as a gang (3-harm gang small), with armor according to the circumstances.
Battle-Hardened: when you act under fire, roll+hard instead of roll+cool.

Gunlugger Special

If you and another character have sex, you take +1 forward. At your option, they take +1 forward, too.


Assault Rifle (3-harm, close, loud, autofire)
SMG (2-harm close loud)
Magnum (3-harm close reload loud)
9mm “Mommy” (2-harm close loud)
2-armor leather armor
Oddments worth 1-barter (crayons, construction paper)


Kentucky: +3
Agent Chessman: -1
Cullen: +1
Setter: +2


Spot doesn’t remember much about his past. What little he does remember (when he thinks about it at all, that is), the earliest memories he has are of torture, rape, and the phrase “I love Artemis.” Later memories are of training in hand-to-hand and small arms combat.

He remembers fighting and killing in the name of this Artemis. When he tries to remember Artemis, he remembers a beautiful, loving woman with long blonde curly hair and big tits wearing a flowing white robe and a tiara. He remembers making love to her, but he’s not sure that really happened.

Then Uncle and his crew came and took him out of there. He has been with Uncle ever since.


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