Dam Big Problems

Session 5: rag waste base part 2

I would like to not be eaten.

Kentucky left some meat for the doggies at the gift shop.

Kentucky and Setter went to the military base so they have something to trade with Shan.

They take the left fork and see creepy cacti.

Brain Wolves meet them at a tunnel. Setter makes them run into a shed and they flush three red cannibal guys.

They make it to the Gas-n-Die. The cannibals down the road use one of the bays for dumping and the roaches are busy over there. The office is locked and has papers in it.

The brain wolves are there when they wake up. Kentucky and Setter head over to the Military Base.

Worms on the waste headed to the base.

They go into one of the research buildings. They find a janitors closet. There is a room with cells with a downstairs with a computer and a dead large primate.



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