Dam Big Problems

session 6 - military base two

Spot catches up to Setter and Kentucky who had taken shelter in the parking lot security hut.

In the morning there are five sand worms heading towards base.

Spot, Kentucky, and Setter explore the base. In one building, they find what appears to be a laser weapon testing area. In one room, Spot is attacked by a mutated thing that looked like it might have at one time been human.

After dispatching said mutation, they explored a cavern underneath the building, and found a very deep pit in which a rumbling sound came from the depths below. Climbing up, they found a passage that ended in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Nearby, they find a well-appointed house, that is powered by an atomic pile.

Our intrepid explorers decide to get some rest. During the second guard shift, a car drives up. Spot hides in the kitchen pantry, Setter hides behind the dining room table, and Kentucky hides behind the living room couch. The front door opens, and a smoke grenade gets thrown in…



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